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Every genre starting on a new page
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantSophia
Registered: January 8, 2012
Canada Posts: 3
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I'm trying to create a list of our movies per genre. I already managed to order them by genre, and they print fine that way, exactly the order we'd like.

However, we prefer to start each genre on a new page, preferably with their own title even. I started toying with filtering our movies per genre, which does indeed print a selection instead of the whole list of movies.

However, there are two drawbacks that I haven't been able to solve yet.

First, it selects every movie that contains that particular genre. I actually want to select only the FIRST genre on the list. However, that is not my biggest problem...

Second and foremost, I am a lazy pig  To manually select and print 28 lists (the number of default genres, even though we don't use them all) is way beyond my comfort zone.

Is there a way to print this entire list in one (or two or three, but certainly not 28) go?

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