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TV Rating and Genre Conditions
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantjkincer
Registered: May 9, 2008
Posts: 8
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I am currently working on a report that color codes rating ranges and cannot find TV Ratings as a condition option. If I go under the Content/Film tabs (In edit report)and select Rating as a new option it creates a "DVD Rating" text box that is tied to the MPAA Rating field. Is there a way to expand this to also include TV Ratings? If I change the condition to point to generic Rating instead of MPAA I lose the drop down menu.

My report also displays a unique icon for each genre. The problem I am running in to is when a title has multiple genres. Right now I have the icons stacked in alphabetical order which works OK, but not great. The only two values that are currently available in the condition drop menu for genre is "Contain" and "Do Not Contain". Is there a way to add custom variables to the condition? Ultimately what I would like it do is select the first genre listed for the title when multiple are present.

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