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Big thank you greyghost (and really sorry if I've missed anyone else out for thanks) for this.  I'd never have stumbled across it in a million years. 
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Thank you.  This has made me far happier than it has any right to! 

I feel like a guy who for years has sat on his roof each night sending out radio signals into the universe and then one evening gets a reply!

And when will I ever not feel like the new kid on the block around here, with only 14 years since registration? 
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In the UK, quoted prices for everything always include tax (Value Added Tax in our case).  No one in day to day conversation talks about non VAT prices, unless they're moaning about paying VAT in general on certain things and not on others!  The only people buying anything who're interested in net of VAT prices are businesses, as they can sometimes claim it back.  Prices in shops and online almost always include VAT, unless it's a seller focused on business customers, where they sometimes exclude the VAT in the primary cost they advertise.

Is there actually a formal description of what SRP is?

Not that I'm very interested in SRP prices one way or the other, as they seem pretty meaningless these days and I actually clear that field in my local database.
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Quoting mreeder50:
I bought the material and built my own.


I did that too, for my records and CDs, as it was hard/expensive to get units to fit them efficiently.

However, I also live in a small flat, so for a lot of my DVDs and Blu-ray discs I put up shelves using (the black version of) this stuff:

I used wood pine for the shelves that I stained black and cut to the length I needed and also used the same wood to put ends on the shelves, so each 'unit' looks more like a bookcase rather than just shelves.  They basic construction isn't that attractive, but you can't really see anything except the edges of the shelves and the ends, once they're in use.

This is one in a corner, it goes from floor to ceiling and fills the entire space between the wall and the door.  (Horrible photo sorry, my phone's camera is broken.)  You can see they are more space efficient than the billy-style ones next to them and I get nine shelves in 'my' design in the same space needed for eight billy ones, plus the space from not having the vertical dividers.

You obviously have to drill loads of holes in your walls to put them up, but they're relatively cheap, can be made any height or width, you don't waste space with the vertical dividers and you can adjust the height between the shelves at any time for different media types.  Obviously if you can't or don't want to drill holes then it's not a very useful suggestion.

I also have over 3,000 discs stored under my settee, where I've put the discs in flight case style storage boxes (1,000 in each), with the sleeves stored in punched pocket sleeve holders, themselves stored in lever arch files and put in a bookcase.  I then got rid of the actual cases. I just don't have the space to put them on display.  The ones I put on the shelves are things like box sets, ones with unusual designs or covers, two discs in a case, etc.  The ones in the flight cases just had standard cases and standard sleeves.
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I feel like going out and buying this just to add to whatever annoyance it causes anyone involved in the decision to legitimately release Seasons 1-5 in the UK on Blu-ray and then not bother doing so with the last two seasons. Except £117.94 (Amazon UK) is a lot to pay to make a point that won't even be noticed. 

I had to admit to buying a couple of somewhat suspect box sets recently on eBay that seem to originate in the far east somewhere.  But with there being no official physical media releases of these, it doesn't feel a bad thing to do.  If the copyright owners, distributors etc want my money, then they know what they need to do and I'd be very happy to pay them for doing so. The quality of the dodgy copies is very good, even down to nice, embossed slip covers and things.
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Hello Fellow Comrades.

Is there a way to copy disc IDs (either one at a time or as a block) from one profile to another?

In my local collection I like to track TV box sets so they reflect the individual seasons (or group of seasons), where the seasons have their own cases within the box set.  Most of these don't have their own UPC and consist of more than one disc, so can't be contributed.  Normally when I audit TV box sets I do one version as I've described and one version as a single profile that can be contributed. To do this I record all the disc IDs twice, one for each version, as I go along.  However, I've managed to forget to do this for a box set I'm working on at the moment and would rather not go through all the discs one by one to record the missing ones.

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I'm vegan so I like all animals.... except sheep, ants, wasps and people; and those caterpillars that eat box hedges.
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I sometimes wonder if the ability to clone profiles to generate new profiles is more trouble than it's worth. If the first profile for a film is poor (which is quite frequently true, especially for older profiles), then the problems get duplicated again and again each time it's used and not checked - and I can understand why someone wouldn't check, as the source profile has already been approved, which gives a false sense of security.  If individuals haven't been connected to many films, it really messes up the Common Name process too.

I'm just finishing an update to a profile for a film that was originally populated by a clone from an existing profile, yet nearly all the crew and cast (and there're a lot) are wrong.  Most of the cast errors are with roles that don't match the onscreen credits or were just randomly missing; whilst the roles for crew are even more bizarre, such as a load of people listed as producers who aren't actually credited on-screen for anything, but on IMDb are credited as associate producers.  I think quite a few of the Common Names are probably wrong for many people as a result of the cloning too; all those accented letters!

I'd probably have been better starting from scratch using the awesome Cast & Crew Edit to get me to a decent starting point.  I all but gave up cloning profiles for new profiles when I realised how common this sort of thing is; it's just easier/quicker to do them from scratch, unless you can find an existing profile created/updated by someone you feel will have done an accurate job.

Okay, I've had my little bedtime rant now. 
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